Black Bed Sheet Design

Take a look around (this site).  The same web designer and graphic artist who designed the Black Bed Sheet website, its store site, its global community, and Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium (the bulk of is Mr. Grabowsky himself.  He also designs, edits, formats, and does the covers and cover art and marketing art, book trailers and media ads for over 90% of Black Bed Sheet Books authors and their books and maintains the BBS web presence. In fact, he's been doing this sort of thing successfully in the industry for over ten years as a freelancer for other writers and publishers. He's studied advertising and design at Fullerton College in California under the guidance of the guy who designed many popular franchise logos like Carl's Jr.'s famous "Green Burrito" (  He understands the science and sociology of what it takes to make book covers that sell, book trailers that rock, and marketing ads and presentations that demand attention and excitement.  Clients are served on an individual basis.  If you need a professional book cover, book trailer, web ads/banners, t-shirt art and promotional materials design, or a professional web site or online store, or anything along these lines, please contact Mr. Grabowsky at BBSADMIN(at)DOWNWARDEN.COM and we'll give you a price quote and work with your needs!