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Whispers in the Cries

Author of Human Nature and Whispers in the Cries

Whispers in the Cries

Postby Downwarden2x on Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:12 pm

How deep are you willing to go to unlock the mystery? ------------------------ A young hotshot journalist’s life unravels in a web of mystery and horror when he is called back to a home and family he hasn’t seen in over a decade. He returns home after the mysterious death of his grandfather, a WWII vet who has seen, first hand, the horrors of life and man. From the beaches of Normandy to the bitter cold of Bastogne; he was a respected hero and man of great strength both physically and mentally. A man who was confined to an asylum in the last weeks of his life; where he spoke of demonic entities, faceless spirits who tormented him relentlessly, and images depicting a black shadowed poltergeist in a top hat and grin. A "sniveling whelp," as he would once say, confined to an asylum where he carved and drew strange markings upon the floor, the ceiling, the walls; stories and tales told all leading to a nameless vessel. A ghost ship that has drank the most ancient of blood. Tasted the most ancient of flesh. A vessel that has now…awoken. Now hunted by the shadowed entity of his grandfather's past and its dark brethren of phantom wraiths, macabre menace, and demonic beasts, Randy Conroy must survive the nightmare his grandfather could not.
"A first class ghost story....intensely visual!" Mister Lobo, (nationally syndicated horror host)
"Matthew Ewald's love of horror is matched only by his love of mystery--the tale unfolds like a descriptive Film Noir in which the mysteries grab us long before we realize we are actually down a terrifying path into the horror genre..." -- Michele Specht (Corporal Simone Cole -- Clive Barker's "Jericho")
“‘Whispers in the Cries’ is a compelling story that grabbed me from the first sentence. Matthew Ewald has a real gift for description and detail. I can ‘see’ every character, every location...and feel the tension and suspense. And there's plenty of it!" -- Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric -- "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" Zero Kiryu & Ichiru Kiryu -- "Vampire Knight")
“Take yourself into the hollowed bowels of the Queen Mary...then drown in Ewald’s brutal and haunting prose.” -- Wayne Allen Sallee (Five time Bram Stoker Award Nominee and author of “The Holy Terror,” “With Wounds Still Wet,” “Fiends By Torchlight,” and the upcoming “Proactive Contrition”)
“Read it in the dark at your own risk...and I dare you not to look over your shoulder while doing so.” -- Matthew's Mom (NOT a horror fan...)

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