Welcome to Black Bed Sheet Books.......taking over the world even as you're reading this....yes, we've got the message board up and running again and feel free to post and interact!..........Franchisca Weatherman's WHEREWOLF available in all ebook forms for only $1.00 for a limited time at the BBS Digital Store............."The Exorcist" Set to Become a TV Series from director Sean Durkin............Get penis envy with Ruschelle Dillon's killer penis/Godzilla story BONE SAI now at our store in all ebook forms..........also new is Bart Brevik's (Outer Darkness) ebook short DEMON OF DESPAIR on sale for the price of two gumballs.............Warner Bros’ adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel IT has a director and writer: Cary Fukunaga............Director Barry J. Gillis' The Killing Games Banned at Canadien Film Festival for being too violent.........As a devoted IT'S ALIVE fan, Nicholas Grabowsky gave Larry Cohen (director of the original and co-writer of the remake) some good over-the-phone advice, and Mr. Cohen didn't listen! The remake sucks eggs, and available on DVD.........hey, didja hear the one about the........oh, forget it.........there isn't very many straight bloody slasher novels out there, but CHOPHOUSE, by a talented author named HORNS, "Makes me SCREAM!" says Linnea Quigely, on sale at our BBS print & digital stores, folks, as well as its brand new sequel, Chophouse 2...............MR BEAN RETURNS ... IN INDONESIAN HORROR COMEDY? According to producer KK Dheeraj, Atkinson will play a pocong - an Indonesian 'shrouded ghost' - while Indonesian star Dewi Persik plays a cat woman.............THE FATHER KEEPER, a new graphic novel, is due for release some time this spring from FIGID PRESS, based on Nicholas Grabowsky's landmark zombie tale from his RED WET DIRT collection which began in comic book form with LOOKS LIKE A RAT TO ME, on sale at our store.............“The Bible is in many ways the ultimate horror novel.” --CNN’s John Blake, exploring the religious themes in horror novelist Stephen King’s books.........2014 will be an exciting year for Black Bed Sheet as we explore new worlds and new civilizations.......Black Hamster TV has a brand new mascot: Mr. Whipple!!!.......Vincent Price is with us! Purchase THE PRICE OF FEAR by Joel Eisner written directly with the help of the Master himself!! Ask for it everywhere books are sold but buy it at our store........Get BLACK! Jeremiah Black, the exciting Jason Gehlert novel that's an urban fantasy time travel trip!!.......Scientist were shocked when they found a small foreign object embedded within the skeletal remains of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Napoleon himself claims to have been taken away by small beings for several days..........a great companion novel to Bram Stoker's Dracula is our own Tom Sawyer's SHADOWS IN THE DARK........

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    BBS authors are encouraged to post all their upcoming events here so anyone can see at a glance our busy schedules across the globe and decide which one to attend first! Conventions, book signings, media interviews and touring info & more!
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