Graphic Design Work

Nicholas has been a graphic designer for nearly 20 years, a couple of years after he got his first computer (in the days of dial tone internet).  At first learning out of the necessity of self-promotion, he eventually expanded his skills as he became a publisher.  To date, he has designed hundreds of book covers, promotional flyers and posters and print ads, artwork of all types, animated trailers and video media such as commercials with experience in television production, and work in catalogs and magazines. 

Trailers & Other Media

Designed & animated by Grabowsky

Electric Angel

Book trailer created by Nicholas Grabowsky for Sue Dent's novel Electric Angel.

"Thank you Nicholas for all you do for your authors..."
--Sue Dent

Outer Darkness

Official book trailer for Bart Brevik's horror suspense thriller OUTER DARKNESS from Black Bed Sheet Books, trailer created by Nicholas Grabowsky.


Official book trailer for Horn's horror slasher thriller CHOPHOUSE from Black Bed Sheet Books, trailer created by Nicholas Grabowsky.

Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium


We've had this domain (, which is named after a novel titled "The Downwardens" that Nick still has yet to finish), and we've been on this site since probably 2002. It's had many incarnations over the years, and we're very proud of this user-friendly and responsive modern look that we've had for a few years now with Wordpress. While Nick has been obsessively keeping up with Black Bed Sheet Books, you'll find this site keeping up with him! We deeply appreciate your patronage, fandom, and readership!


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