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now available in hardcover!

now available in hardcover!

now available in hardcover!

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"Nicholas.....I salute you!  A fertile and blissfully complex imagination....I'll await the next work with much anticipation!"

------Clive Barker  (Hellraiser, Candyman, Lord of Illusions)

Golden Award winner!  Best Sci-Fi novel of 2004 --American Author's Association!

"Very Entertaining!"

---Dee Wallace Stone, E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, The Howling, The Frighteners

"Grabowsky has imagination to spare!"

---The Sacramento Bee

"Impressive storytelling...."  --Wes Craven, on Grabowsky's writing


“His imagery is striking!” ---New Blood Magazine

“Grabowsky is genuine talent” ---Wally George, nationally syndicated talk show host, “The Hot Seat,” and KDOC-TV Los Angeles

Nicholas Grabowsky presents three previously unfinished, unreleased tales written during his days as Nicholas Randers, the name he once used penning bestselling paperback horror. Here, fused together to make a psychedelic fantasy tale both nightmarish and brashly idiotic, are a series of parables and visions brought about by two strangers on a chance meeting on the street one foggy night under the influence of hallucinogen-laced sugar cubes.  Features the cult favorite oddity Pastor Birthday and the Golden Urinal!


-----NICKOLAUS A. PACIONE,  author &  editor, Tabloid Purposes

Special edition reprint of the bestselling 1988 Critic's Choice mass market paperback of supernatural horror, written by Grabowsky under the infamous pseudonym of Nicholas Randers.

An ancient predecessor of modern-day vampires casts its evil upon the peaceful Montana town of Bloomgarden circa 1980's, where high-schooler Chris Barrett, his friends, a mysterious old man and a self-righteous preacher must learn to deal with these formidable demons while wrestling with their inner ones. Celebrated as the author's first published work, this was also the first in a succession of early Grabowsky horror-fantasies penned under the Randers name.

“Grabowsky is a force to be reckoned with among writers of every genre."--Sean Price, Slash Productions

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A little history about this book if you click here (pop-up window).

A fully illustrated, fun and witty treat for children of all ages! Renown artist Phyllis Haupert and world-acclaimed horror/fantasy novelist Nicholas Grabowsky combined forces to create this full-color children's book already winning the hearts of kids, parents, and cat-lovers alike!

Flatty Kat, Mister Babee, Stinky, and Crispy the Wonder Ghost Cat love to sit and tell stories at the Moove On In milk bar. And oh, the tales they have to tell! Did you know cats' fur gets green when they get too close to the sun? Have you heard the latest groovin' hit from Cat Master Flash? Or find out just exactly how Flatty Kat became flat! Read the misadventures of everyone's favorite one-dimensional cat!

Warning:  lots of litter box humor and great times!